2nd Annual Process Driven Innovation (Conference)

Attending this premier conference will give you the chance to address the urgent need to remain competitive. It is incumbent for corporate innovators to define the proper tools that optimize the internal innovation processes while not stifling the creativity, risk, and failure that are intrinsic to innovation.

Attending this conference will allow you to:

  • Realize the necessity of a structured innovation process that reflects an integration of the goals of the institution with the needs/wants of the market
  • Review innovation models that address time to market concerns
  • Discover creative business models that are grounded in the notion of “innovating from the core” with a keen eye on adjacent space opportunities
  • Identify knowledge and technology intelligence reporting systems that will inform the strategic front end and the enterprise wide innovation process
  • Analyze organizational cultures that foster ownership of the innovation process across the corporate enterprise
  • Ascertain the role metrics play in reporting out the value of innovative activities
  • Formulate strategies to define the “high value problems” of targeted markets