About SmartOrg

Since 2000, SmartOrg has been helping companies hold great decision conversations about important questions of strategy and finance. SmartOrg’s founders and principals got their academic grounding in Decision Science at Stanford University, and developed its application to business at SRI International and SDG before setting out to create SmartOrg. Along the way, two of them wrote the book on smart organizations – literally: The Smart Organization, by David and James Matheson.

Today, the goal of our work is to help you uncover hidden opportunities and use them to drive breakthrough growth. We help you manage and overcome conflicting demands on limited corporate resources and conflicting priorities between finance and innovation.

SmartOrg has invented methods that help innovation and finance agree on how to drive upside and on where and how much to invest. To make these accessible to companies, we’ve embodied them in our Portfolio Navigator® web-based platform. Portfolio Navigator® administers and conducts the evaluation of uncertain opportunities, aggregates and compares them, and optimizes the portfolio.

As we help you implement your solution, we build your capability to deliver credible and comparable evaluations so your teammates can make and accept portfolio decisions. We teach you how to use our techniques and software to manage your portfolio as an ongoing business process, quarter after quarter and year after year.

To learn more about SmartOrg, please read our origin story, meet our team, or check out a career with us. Or feel free to contact us just to say hi, we’d love to hear from you!