Rigorous Foundations + Decades of Practical Experience = Great Enterprise Software

SmartOrg® provides software and services to help companies evaluate their opportunities and make the best decisions about where to invest.  Companies like HP use us in innovation to take early stage ideas and develop them into winning businesses.  Companies like Corteva Agriscience use us across their portfolio to prioritize projects and refine their portfolio strategy.

The company was founded in 2000 based on a simple idea: give our customers what they needed to improve their strategic decision making. We have combined decades of practical experience with rigorous decision analysis into set of approaches and enabling software that help your organization collaborate more effectively.

Prior to founding SmartOrg®, we spent decades as management consultants working with hundreds of companies to solve their portfolio management problems.  During that time, we identified key business problems and developed best practices to ensure customer success as measured by return on investment and revenue growth.  We have packaged this experience into our software and services.

How do you figure out the right answer to a complex business problem?  Our founders are pioneers in the field of decision analysis, who have developed the field since its inception, written seminal papers and books–one of our investors, Ron Howard, coined the term decision analysis, and our Chairman Jim Matheson won the prestigious Ramsey Medal for his contributions to the field.  Economic analysis, understanding tradeoffs, clarifying choices, and making it work in an organization setting all run in our blood.  We have tremendous depth and rigor.

How do you get companies to improve their organizational decision making?  Our founders have worked with Nobel-prize winning Psychologist Danny Kahneman to understand how people really make judgements about decision making and uncertainty, how biases creep in, and what to do about it.  Our president has studied under Jim March, one of the founders of the field of organizational behavior.  We have taken their studies and insights and translated them into practical methods for working with people and organizations like yours.

Our software is built on this foundation.  Our decision making expertise and proven business processes drive our software development.  Our founders first developed tools for analysts, like Supertree™.  Then we developed intelligent decision systems.  At SmartOrg® we have taken enabling software to the enterprise level.