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SmartOrg is a privately held growing Silicon Valley firm introducing a stream of amazing software products to the world.  The company is a blend of a software sales business and management consulting. We embed decision science in software to deliver solutions to large organizations in innovation, portfolio management, and strategic planning. Customers cover large global corporations in the areas such as Aviation (e.g. Boeing), Hi-tech (e.g. Hewlett Packard), Pharmaceuticals (e.g. Teva), Medical Devices (e.g. Stryker) and Agroscience (e.g. DuPont Pioneer).

The SmartOrg culture is one where transparency runs throughout the company.  At SmartOrg you will find a work-life balance that allows you to live and work your priorities and values.

There are many doors available to you to begin your career at SmartOrg.  We value your interest, experience and desire to make a difference toward our mission through your knowledge in Marketing, Sales, Management Analysis and Software. SmartOrg is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and this is where the majority of your time will be spent.

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SmartOrg is an E-Verify® company.

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October 22, 2017


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