Disruptor Studio: Duolingo for Innovators

Finance is the lingua franca of business. Listen in as Ralph Morales III shares stories and techniques to win over the toughest financial critic

40 min watch Event

5th Annual Community of Practice 2020: Creating Breakthroughs

By the third day of SmartOrg’s annual Community of Practice for executives in Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), one of the participants had an epiphany: “I used to think that SPM was just project roll-ups for reporting and make some incremental choices, but now I see that it’s a way to drive our organization towards achieving big growth goals.”

9 min read Strategic Portfolio Management

The paradox of important but ineffective innovation: Lean Operators and Courageous Companies

Innovation is important. The problem is it isn’t very effective.

At a recent event, my colleague, Ralph Morales III, polled the audience on the importance and effectiveness of innovation, and a paradox emerged: innovation is important but ineffective.

8 min read Innovation Management

Accelerating Innovation – A simple approach to communicating investment readiness

An example on drive growth in a project. Opportunties are identified through a project evaluation.

2 min watch Innovation Management

How Big – Share & Penetration

Make the distinctions between market share and penentration.

3 min watch Practitioners Guide to Project Evaluation