Assessing the State of Innovation: How Does Your Company’s Innovation Process Rate?

During engagements with Fortune 100 companies and at several executive conferences, SmartOrg’s CEO David Matheson has identified concerns among innovation leaders over the current state of innovation, including disappointment with popular approaches to ideation and management of the innovation process.

In this webinar, produced by the Institute for International research (IIR), David will explore four “must-do” practices to improve innovation value.

The key take-aways from this video are:

  • Learn better ways to identify winning innovation
  • Four “must-do” practices to improve the value of your innovation portfolio
  • Why you cannot consistently predict winners but you can have a winning portfolio

[vimeo width=”525″ height=”300″][/vimeo]

SmartOrg has been applying its deep roots in decision science to strategic business problems of Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. Companies with large long term investments in R&D and New Product Development (NPD) depend on our software and services to optimize their return on investment.

Watch this video to learn how to decide between your best innovation choices.