Back End of Innovation

A great idea is only the beginning. The Back End of Innovation provides a strategic road map to successful commercialization. Learn how to bring new products to market and commercialize them for maximum impact on the bottom line.  Uncover new ways to solve problems we all encounter in today’s dynamic business world.

Join SmartOrg, innovation executives, managers and marketing leaders to share challenges, lessons learned, and best practices. Experience a mix of case studies, workshops and panels from leading executives who have excelled tremendously in scaling up innovation, as well as launching and growing profitable brands.

Somik Raha from SmartOrg will lead a session on “Pivoting Your Way to Profitability“.  Key take-aways will be:

• Establishing “proof points” at critical stages in your development process
• Learning as you go – feedback that triggers a new direction (“pivot”)
• Ways to develop defensible forecasts when faced with future uncertainties
• How agile processes dramatically improve product development decisions
• The benefits of pivoting when “assumptions meet reality”