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SmartOrg is about making choices. Not small ones, like what brand of coffee to have in the break room, but the big, hairy, complex business decision making that determines whether or not companies succeed or fail. Decisions where large risks are involved – and you won’t know if you’ve made the right decision right away. For example, choices about what products to develop, what services to offer, what technologies to pursue, what companies to acquire, what regions to penetrate, where to cut costs and which opportunities will provide the best return on investment.

SmartOrg Enables Robust Business Decision Making

We enable organizations to make sound decisions that everyone agrees upon. Yes, you read that correctly: our combination of software and services empower companies to:

  • Effectively discuss options
  • Evaluate the value of a variety of projects
  • Understand where their risks lie
  • Run various scenarios

So they can see what will happen to their desired outcome if a variety of unforeseen outside factors come to pass.

We empower companies to monitor the status of their decisions and constantly update the models that were used to create the decision in the first place. That way, when something unforeseen happens, they can quickly see what the impact will be to their project, product and portfolio decisions and respond appropriately.

Strong business decision making that includes innovation, finance and strategy is essential for success

For more than 15 years SmartOrg has been helping some of the biggest companies in the world make choices that drive their future. Read more in our case study library about how we have helped companies:

Our founders are pioneers in the application of decision analysis who shaped the field through their work at Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International).  Dissatisfied with the available tools for performing the complex calculations and wide variety of scenarios necessary for effective business decision making, we developed our own software and have perfected it using an innovative, adaptable architecture that allows us to empower companies to apply the power and insight of decision science across the entire company.

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October 22, 2017


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