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Making the right decisions for today is a huge challenge for business leaders – but it’s nothing compared to the difficulty of strategic business planning that will affect a company’s long-term success. From identifying the right projects to focus on to determining the best allocation of resources, choices made in 2015 will have major repercussions for years – and even decades – to come. But without a crystal ball, how can business leaders know that they are making the correct choices?

To streamline the difficult job of strategic planning, you need to focus on identifying and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs) and economic factors critical to long-term success. Depending on the nature of your business, this process can become staggeringly complex – especially when the future is clouded by uncertainty and risk.

SmartOrg’s strategic business planning software makes it easy for you to plan for the future and make the right choices for the long term.

This video shows you how.


Long-Range Planning can be hugely complex!

Consider one of our clients, which has:

  • 10 products currently in the marketplace
  • 10 products in development
  • 10 new products competing for development
  • One new region to open
  • Five new countries contending for expansion
  • Five corporate divisions responsible for product development and sales

Wow! This means that there are literally tens of thousands of options to consider. How in the world do planners focus their efforts and choose the right ones?

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 A Secret to Easier Strategic Business Planning

With so many options to consider, it is hard to know which ones will generate the best return in the long run.  SmartOrg’s mix of software and services gives you the power to compare the future value of every strategic option – individually and cumulatively. We make it easy to run thousands of scenarios and compare alternatives in real time. And we make it easy to compare the return on investment for every combination of strategic opportunities, helping business leaders make the right choices.

SmartOrg solutions help you answer these essential questions:

  • How does risk affect our projections?
  • Do we have the right mix of opportunities to meet profit and growth targets?
  • If we have to cut costs, how can we minimize the impact on future growth and profits?
  • How can we roll up and compare risk adjusted P&Ls in one place?

Sound unbelievable?

Without SmartOrg it is. SmartOrg has applied our deep roots in decision science to support strategic business planning at Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years – companies with deep dependencies on effective strategic planning and decision making. Companies like TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences and Boeing Commercial Airplanes depend on our solutions to optimize their return on strategic investments in R&D, product development and innovation.

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