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The SmartOrg team brings decades of collective, in-depth industry experience and decision analysis knowledge. Our team includes the founders of decision analysis, acknowledged leaders in management science and strategic decision making, and published authors of management books, articles and papers in professional journals.

Our technology was developed by our founders while with the Strategic Decision Group (SDG). From there they spun off the technology and further refined it for SmartOrg’s needs.

Many team executives have also spent time as members and leaders within SRI International. Additionally, multiple SmartOrg employees have, and continue to, teach and guest lecture at Stanford University.

The mission of SmartOrg is to apply our decision science expertise to long-term, strategic enterprise decision making processes.  Companies with large long term investments in R&D and New Product Development (NPD) depend on our software and services to optimize their return on investment.

Based on our team’s professional and academic careers over the decades, here are our thought leadership pieces related to product, strategic and financial planning decisions and the many variables that go into making choices that payoff:

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Strategic Planning

Financial Planning

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