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CoP 2017 (L to R): Marty Lawrence, VF Corp.; Gerald Powell, Dow AgroSciences; Shawn Williams, Rogers Corp.;  Angela Chen, VF Corp.; Henry Bryndza, DuPont; David Matheson, SmartOrg; Temperince Morgan, The Nature Conservancy; Jessica Crossley, Rogers Corp.; Suhui Chen, SmartOrg

The Community of Practice
for Strategic Portfolio Management

The Community of Practice 2019 in Boston is an invitation-only event sponsored by SmartOrg, Rogers Corporation and Fidelity Investments.

SmartOrg is a consulting-led software company that aligns innovation and finance with a special emphasis on strategic portfolio management.  We maintain the Community of Practice and hold an annual event that allows practitioners (customers and non-customers alike) to share the experiences and knowledge they have gained in their portfolio management journeys.

Scroll down this page to learn more about CoP 2019 in Boston.  If you are interested in attending, please contact your sponsor.

Community Purpose

The CoP is an intimate, executive, peer-to-peer forum  to exchange stories, develop best practices, and support one another in our strategic portfolio management journeys .

The CoP is meant to:

  • Let members learn from each other
  • Expand your horizons and inspire your potential in SPM
  • Increase your effectiveness in addressing your SPM issues
  • Help you develop relationships with fellow SPM practitioners

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management is concerned with the what & why of innovation and growth portfolios.  It focuses on Decision Making – where and how much to invest, based on evaluation, prioritization and strategy.

Many portfolio management forums are fundamentally operational, focused on project management and resource allocation.  The strategic issues are easily lost when these other topics are the focus.

Learn more about SPM.

Typical Agenda CoP 2019 in Boston
  • Getting to Know Each Other (Case Studies)
  • Case Studies will include Rogers Corporation, presented by Shawn Williams.
  • There will also be an optional tour of Northeastern University Innovation Center offered.
  • Common Topics
  • Evaluating Innovation and Balancing Incremental & Innovative Projects Through a Portfolio Simulation
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching
  • By special invitation only;  if interested, ask your sponsor 
  • Building the Future
  • Online forum after the event

CoP 2019 Sponsors: Fidelity Investments, Rogers Corporation, SmartOrg

Case Studies

To help the CoP members get to know one another, each member typically presents their work in a confidential overview.  Understanding what others have accomplished and what they still have left to do can be inspiring and informative.  In some cases, members have created public webinars based on the case study presentations they made at the CoP:

At CoP 2019 in Boston, planned case studies include:

  • Shawn Williams of Rogers Corporation
  • Optional tour of Northeastern University Innovation Center

Common Topics

Members of the CoP each contribute to an in-depth discussion of a portfolio management topic .  These discussions often generate new content to be shared with the wider community of SPM practitioners, sometimes written up in SmartOrg’s monthly ValuePoint newsletter.  Past topics have included:

At CoP 2019 in Boston, the common topic for discussion will be A Portfolio Dice Simulation.  This simulation is a tool that drives discussion around evaluating innovation and balancing Incremental vs. Innovative projects.

CoP 2017: Shawn Williams of Rogers Corp. presents a topic for discussion

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Each meeting of the CoP includes a session in which a small group of attendees, limited to eight, engage in open and frank sharing of specific business challenges and receives coaching from their peers.  These Peer-to-Peer coaching sessions are confidential.

Participation in the Peer-to-Peer coaching sessions are by invitation only.  Please contact your sponsor if you would like to participate in the Peer-to-Peer coaching session at CoP 2019 in Boston.

Building the Future

CoP 2016: Gerald Powell of Dow AgroSciences and Suhui Chen of SmartOrg discuss future directions for strategic portfolio management

Looking forward, the CoP seeks out ways we can best support each other.  This includes creating visions for the future of SPM and establishing lines of communication to keep our discussions going.

For CoP 2019, Creating the Future will be conducted after the event in an online forum.

Creating Community

The CoP annual meeting is a time and place to make social connections with your peers.  We make time to break bread and get to know each other as people.  After all, if you need help down the road with your portfolio journey, it’s always easier to ask a friend than just a peer.

CoP 2018: Shawn Williams of Rogers Corp., Ralph Morales III of HP, and Monica Sorribas of Corteva Agriscience