Innovation Management

Why Don’t You Have Enough Innovation?

Nearly every company’s strategy these days is to grow through innovation, yet many fall short. We all know the standard reasons: innovation is hard, innovation is uncertain or innovation grinds against the gears of the operating organization. They are all more or less true, but they are also simplistic, not really guiding executives on how to actually get more innovation.


Making Uncertainty Your Ally

How BI Plus Strategic Portfolio Management Increases ROI

David Matheson

Assessing the State of Innovation

The Top Four “Must-Do” Areas of Innovation Practice. Reprint from Visions magazine

David Matheson

Smart Organizations Perform Better

The “high-IQ” organization has almost five times the chance of being a top performer than its low-IQ counterpart. Reprint from Research Technology Management magazine

James Matheson

Normative Decision Making with Multiattribute Performance Targets

Paper published in Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Peter McNamee

Decision Analysis for The Professional

Book co-authored by Peter McNamee