Decisions: Is it We Who Make It Complicated?

“Sometimes the hardest part of making a good decision is knowing there’s one to be made.” Great quote from Chip and Dan Heath’s new book “Decisive.”  The brothers, one a professor at Duke and the other at Stanford, really “nail it” in this highly readable book. Drawing on a wealth of experience and the works of Daniel Kahneman (“Thinking Fast and Slow”), Philip Tetlock (“Expert Political Judgment”) and other references to decision science, the Heaths set forth basic principles and approaches that demystify and make clear the works of more highly academic and technical writers.

A year or so ago, I cited, in a SmartOrg ValuePoint™ article, the wise words of Ken Aston, the late head of referee instruction for FIFA, the international ruling body of soccer. Ken was addressing a group of soccer officials; “Gentleman, soccer is a very simple game. It is you who make it complicated.” Sometimes, I feel the same about the practice of decision analysis and strategic decision making. Maybe it’s time to pay more attention to the ideas set forth in “Decisive.” Check it out.