Experimenting with Values: Finding your Meta-Strategy

Decisions are not just about the numbers, a project will likely not succeed if it does not inspire people or fit with the cultural energy of an organization. What your company values should be the basis of any decision you make. That is why your company’s meta-strategy matters- it should be the first filter that any project goes through.

Although usually unorthodox in business, defining what your values are will help you connect better with your work and view your organization’s decisions in a different light.

When we hear “values,” we interpret it in three different ways: cultural norms, metrics for tradeoffs, or distinguishing between means and ends. This talk will share a fourth way of hearing the term “values,” offering an interpretation of values as “meta-strategy” by understanding a company’s intrinsic purpose.

Full 1 Hour Video:

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Exploring intrinsic purpose is unfamiliar territory, and stories will be shared on how such an exercise helped unlock the creative juice of an organization, gave dignity to their work and transformed their frame. Along the way, a $2 million portfolio turned into a $30 million portfolio. That story and other experiments in mapping the values of organizations will be shared. A reformulation of the six elements of decision quality along the head and heart dimensions will also be offered.

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