7th Annual Global Innovations in New Product Development and Market Strategy 2011: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange (Conference)

We had a great session discussing the Dow Agrosciences Case study. Groups took different practices and discussed why they were best practices, what the barriers to implementation were, and how each company’s current practice compared. Finally, we voted on the most beneficial practices and the most difficult to implement. If you are interested in pictures of the flip chart results, click here to download a .rar file. I’ve attached some general session pictures below.


Does your innovation focus remain mainly an 18 month horizon? As cycles accelerate, is the flow of innovation in your company sufficient to address business needs, and drive market share and profitability? Is there a strategic forward momentum for innovation and is your team in place? And most important of all, are you working with a stronger element of precision and efficiency critical to achieve success? Global Innovations in New Product Development and Market Strategy, 2011: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange. is THE place to be if you want to make sure your innovation efforts are aligned with strategy and deliver the kind of innovation that creates value.

All new tracks ideas are dedicated to your chief challenges:

Track 1: Strategic Planning for Vision, Innovation and Business Opportunity
Track 2: Innovation and Product Portfolio Strategy and Implementation
Track 3: R&D That Delivers: Metrics and ROI

Plus 19 interactive sessions delivering great ideas and take aways, powerhouse speakers sharing their insight and experience, and nonstop networking activities combine to deliver a guaranteed ROI.

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