Elevate your innovation journey with Innovation Navigator!

Since launching Innovation Navigator™ at The Lean Startup Conference less than 100 days ago, we’ve helped >40 teams on their innovation journey. Our novel approach is a mash-up of real option analysis and the Lean Startup method that yields results in 2 days.  

Opportunity teams were able to hone critical thinking to generate better opportunity hypothesis and prioritize discovery experiments for innovation scouting. Investment stakeholders appreciated the concise communication of risk and financial responsibility.   

“We went from conflict on where to start to a clear plan of action prioritized around delivering proof of value.”  - Genomic Drug Delivery team 

 “This method provided a clear connection between team action/funding and buying down risk/creating opportunity upside.”  - VP, Corporate Innovation Office 

Scouting Party

Workshop for Innovation Scouting

Define a learning plan for a domain. Preparation ( 1 -2 weeks)
Get teams focused on most important hypotheses. Facilitated Workshop - Scouting Party (1.5 days)

  • Hypothesis generation (e.g. BMC, Tornado, Maturity Matrix)
  • Hypotheses assessment
  • Develop Kill Shot experiments
  • Prioritization and learning plan
Understand the goal posts: criteria and effort for IGP Aftermath ( 1 - 2 weeks)
Communicate value of scouting investment and track progress towards IGP Tracking Follow Up (3 - 6 months later)

  • 1/2 day interactions
  • Update and refine
Scouting Party Outcomes
Survey Readiness


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