Innovate Carolina

SmartOrg is proud to be speaking at the 5th Annual Innovate Carolina Conference produced by the Carolinas Chapter of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)!  The conference will take place at the  on Friday, April 25th at the NC Biotechnology Center in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina on Friday, April 25th.

This year the focus will be on Building Your Career Toolkit: Innovative Paths for Innovative Product Development.  David Matheson will lead the track on Portfolio Management and he invites you to consider the following.

Are you really focusing your portfolio on creating new wealth, or are you making the political compromises necessary to get by?  Do you have a great dashboard, but don’t have credible data?  SmartOrg has seen many ways strategic portfolio management can go right, and go wrong.  In the SmartOrg led portfolio management course at Stanford University, several fundamental design principles are used to assess and improve your company process.   The Portfolio Management track will cover:

  • Eight principles of strategic portfolio management
  • How do you know your portfolio process is a good one?
  • Case studies illustrating the principles
  • How to get better results from your portfolio 

If you’d like to take a survey and compare how your organization is doing compared to others on these principles, please do so before or after the talk.  Click here to access the SmartOrg survey.

To register for this all day conference, click here.  And remember to use your 25% discount code:  IC14SPVIP.

2014 Innovate Carolina