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The Paradox of Driving Growth While Cutting Costs | ValuePoint May 2017

Download PDF Insights from Teva’s Portfolio Journey By David Matheson, SmartOrg It seems like an impossible challenge: drive growth while cutting costs. Yet it seems to be a common one.

Filling “Strategic Value” Gaps | ValuePoint April 2017

Download PDF By David Matheson, SmartOrg A Silicon Valley company recently asked SmartOrg to help with their growth challenge. They knew that to really grow, they needed to identify technology inflection points that defined the next big waves

SmartOrg Founders Join Faculty of USC DECIDE Professional Certificate Program in Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Making in Organizations course will be taught June 7-9, 2017 SmartOrg’s David Matheson and Jim Matheson will teach the course Strategic Decision Making in Organizations, one of the four courses comprising the USC DECIDE certificate program.  The 2 ½ day course will present the skills and process for

April 25, 2017, webinar: Portfolio Management Evolution, with Julia Reznick, Teva Pharmaceutical

Julia Reznick is the VP of Global Portfolio and Pipeline for Teva Global Specialty Medicine, a division of the Top Ten global pharmaceutical company. In this webinar, Julia explains why she describes portfolio management as the “spinal cord” of an organization. She describes the role SmartOrg® played in Teva’s portfolio

Portfolio Navigator 7 is out

After almost a year of being buried deep in development, we are finally out with Portfolio Navigator 7! In this release, much of our attention has gone toward managing the tension between flexibility and understandability. Offering too much flexibility makes a product much more complex and makes it less understandable.

Presentation to Alliance of CEOs on Head and Heart of Decision Making

How do you make a great decision every time? In November 2016, the Alliance of CEOs invited me to present on this topic. The Alliance recorded the following eight minute video on the Head and Heart of Decision Making. In it, I tell how I was nearly fired by Mel Harris

The Cognitive Bias Song

Here’s yet another reason you need good a Strategic Portfolio Management process.   I worked with Kahneman and Tversky, the psychologists who discovered cognitive bias, in the 1980’s when these were esoteric research topics. Since then I have spent decades inventing and refining methods that address these biases and incorporating them

Profitable Pivots for Your Portfolio, Part 2 | ValuePoint March 2017

Download PDF By David Matheson, SmartOrg In last month’s ValuePoint, I shared two methods our customers use to drive breakthrough growth from their portfolios. These methods help them to reposition or expand products, make acquisitions, reallocate

Profitable Pivots for Your Portfolio, Part 1 | ValuePoint February 2017

Download PDF By David Matheson, SmartOrg I’ve been keeping a catalog of methods our customers use to drive breakthrough growth from their portfolios. At a recent innovation conference (see “Profitable Pivots at MindXchange” at the end

A Rigorous Analytical Framework For Resource Reallocation Decisions

Yuval Atzmon of McKinsey and Company recently wrote a blog calling for a rigorous analytical framework to support resource reallocation decisions: where to reallocate resources, how much to reallocate, and how to execute the reallocation.  We wholeheartedly agree, as the creators of a framework to deal with just these issues.

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