Meet SmartOrg at Back End of Innovation 2018, Oct. 17-18, Phoenix, AZ

Join SmartOrg at the KNect365 Back End of Innovation conference in Phoenix, AZ, this October!  This year’s theme is The Road Map to Execution.

At the conference, SmartOrg will present How an “Opportunity Cost” Mindset Helps Focus Corporate Innovation Portfolios.

“It’s tempting to pursue every opportunity that presents itself, for fear of missing out on potential gains.  In this session, you’ll see how a major corporation used the concept of opportunity cost to say no to some projects  in their portfolios to focus on their best growth opportunities.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the true costs of your available opportunities to assess your portfolio choices.
  • Choosing to pursue an opportunity means choosing to take resources away from another one.
  • Have the courage to shelve or cancel wounded (underresourced) projects  to redirect resources to those that best meet your goals.

For the full conference brochure, visit the Back End of Innovation home page.  Special discount: use the code BEI18SMART to save 20% on conference registration.

Date: 17-18 October 2018

Place: Unexpected Art Gallery, Phoenix, AZ