New Product Innovation & Development

Join SmartOrg at the 12th Annual Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation & Development event at Disneyland!

Transformation is all around us. Dynamic market change, disruptive technologies, shifting customer expectations – now, more than ever, businesses must adjust their product and innovation strategy to stay competitive and deliver winning products and services to the marketplace. Product development and innovations teams are tasked with new and formidable challenges and smart execution is more critical than ever.

IOT has exploded across industries, analytics and metrics are more important than ever for minimizing risk in new product development, and remaining lean and agile in innovation processes are the new normAnd don’t forget customer insights! Ideating and co-creating with your customer for new product insights is at the center of innovation and new product development excellence.

All this and so much more will be covered at the 12th Annual New Product Innovation and Development: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange. This event is uniquely collaborative in nature: Wildly candid discussions between participants generate ideas and insights you will not get anywhere else. Innovation success stories from industry thought leaders will reinvigorate your product development strategy. It’s a spark of inspiration drawn from great minds in innovation, product development, customer insight, research and development, technology, and strategic marketing.

Be sure to join David Matheson, President and CEO of SmartOrg, during his session “Making Uncertainty Your Friend”. Will your innovation portfolio achieve your growth goals?  Many companies fall short because the forces of conservatism make project small, often hiding big ideas inside mediocre projects.  Teams tend to focus on the next step in the phase gate or work issues in their comfort zone, rather than really understand what it takes to demonstrate and drive the upside.  In this interactive workshop, work with your peers to assess your own situation and develop insights into how you can drive more growth from your portfolio.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assessment of your portfolio’s ability to achieve your innovation growth goals
  • Methods for finding and driving the hidden upside in your projects
  • Decluttering to make room for innovation
  • Key practices and tools for taking good risks and pivoting your portfolio

The event assembles leading providers of innovation and product development software and services to share their thought leadership on what they see is working, and what is not, across the spectrum. The Solutions Hall is where you will bolster your tool kit. And the connections you make here will be supportive and long-lasting throughout your career.

Download the brochure by clicking here. And remember to use the SmartOrg discount code smart250 for a $250 savings when you register.