Once you’ve concluded a successful pilot project and determined that your business processes will benefit from a Portfolio Navigator®-based solution, SmartOrg® provides the services you need to introduce the new solution into your organization.

Change Management

SmartOrg will conduct a series of on-site workshops to broaden the understanding and acceptance of the solution within your organization.  Working with your original project team, we will help you involve all of your internal stakeholders and bring them up to speed on the reasons for and operation of the new business processes using the new solution.  We’ll also help you demonstrate to them how the new business processes will benefit them.


Deployment includes the software-related steps of installation & configuration, training, and support.  However, deployment goes well beyond those necessary but routine services.

In deployment, SmartOrg supports your internal stakeholders as they start using the new solution.  SmartOrg creates tools and documentation to help stakeholders transition to the new business processes, and works with you to field their questions and guide them in the operation of the new solution.  This includes helping executives understand and make full use of the products of the new business processes in richer and deeper decision conversations.