Pilot projects and demonstrations are the bridge between the insights gained from SmartOrg® workshops and assessments and the new, powerful business processes incorporating Portfolio Navigator® software.  These initial steps let you try out strategic portfolio management concepts and learn how they fit your organization.

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects let your internal stakeholders gain hands-on experience with the tools that can transform your portfolio management processes.  They let you try out your new business processes on a small scale and with a limited scope.  Because they use your live data and your own personnel, you learn how the solution needs to be tailored to fit your organization and give you the outputs you need for richer, deeper decision conversations.


If you are not quite ready to undertake a pilot project, SmartOrg can conduct a demonstration project for you.  While it doesn’t give your personnel hands-on experience in operating the solution, a demonstration project lets you see how the new business processes will operate and what insights they will produce for you.