Planning, budgeting and forecasting in the cloud

SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator® gives innovation and finance tools to align their work to your organization’s goals

Strategic Planning for Innovation

Portfolio Navigator enables you to include uncertainty in your project and product planning models. This key capability lets you see both downside risk and upside potential at the project and portfolio level. Now Innovation and Finance can agree on which projects to manage for safety and which ones to play for big gains.


Optimizing the Use of Budgets

With SmartOrg’s tools, the CFO can rank projects by ROI and see how they fit within the existing budget. This lets Finance and Innovation answer questions like, “How much growth will we sacrifice if we cut our budget by $X,” and, “What will it cost us to achieve additional growth of $Y?”


Forecasts Based on Intuitive Assessments

Rather than ask innovators to provide long and detailed P&L tables into the future, Portfolio Navigator asks innovators questions about the components of the business model they need to intuitively engage with and where their knowledge gaps are. The system then puts together P&L tables in the format required by Finance. These P&Ls automatically align projects correctly to account for different timescales and uncertainty. They are also flexible enough to support the specific financial language that is unique to each organization’s economics. Portfolio Navigator’s patented P&L rollup interface is designed to support auditability through a single-click in your browser.


In your Cloud or Ours

Portfolio Navigator is a cloud-based solution with application and data security built-in. We host our solution in datacenters that meet or exceed current ISO standards on security. Our solution scales easily to meet portfolios of different sizes and usage patterns. We deploy in minutes, not in months. For enterprises who insist on deploying into their own internal cloud, we have developed a core competency in partnering with your IT department to deploy painlessly and quickly into your on-premise infrastructure.


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