Portfolio Navigator Release 7.5

SmartOrg’s product development team has been hard at work for our users over the summer and is now ready with a new release of Portfolio Navigator – version 7.5!

The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

We have focused on stabilizing the platform, ensuring that users have a bug-free experience. This can be very hard to do when your platform has lots of features and most of them are highly interactive in your browser. While our unit tests go over a thousand, testing front-end functionality requires actually logging in like a user and “seeing” what the user is seeing. This is time-consuming and automation is hard. Toward this end, we are delighted to have partnered with Testim to make a huge leap in our user-testing capability. Testim allows us to leverage machine learning so that our tests know which mismatches in our tests are material. This translates to a rock-solid user-experience where we can guarantee a bug-free experience across multiple browsers.

We have thought through small things, like what happens when you lose your internet connection? The system now detects a loss of network connection and warns you. Any request you may have initiated during a loss of network gets automatically repeated after a delay.

We have also improved our security standards to require a minimum of 8 characters and also allow administrators to require a 60-day password reset. This is an optional feature and does not affect existing deployments unless it is turned on by an administrator.

We haven’t just focused on the small things that can brighten your day; we have two big features in this release.

Download Excel Models

Users can now download the underlying model at any leaf node with all the numbers from that node plugged into the model. Not only will the inputs be put in but also data from the Tornado charts that are fed back into the decision tree will also be in the model.

Group-By and Color-By Subnodes

Our users had a long-standing request — to allow grouping and coloring by subnodes, and we listened. You can now leverage your hierarchy of nodes to group and color your reports. Before this feature, you would have to tag all your leaf nodes with information that was already on the tree. Now you don’t have to do that anymore!

Our existing customers will see the new release on their staging servers over the next few days. We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback.