Cutting Costs Without Cutting Your Future

Profitable Pivots

Techniques to pivot your innovation/R&D portfolio to unleash breakthrough growth

Putting Innovation Portfolio Best Practices to the Test

Study from Frost & Sullivan as a follow up to “How to get more innovation in your portfolio”

How to Get More Innovation in Your Portfolio

Frost & Sullivan study

The Black Magic of Formulating Winning Breakthrough Innovation

Frost & Sullivan study

Value-Based Business Development Solutions

A six-step implementation program

Perfecting the Recipe for Breakthrough Innovation

Forecasting Under Uncertainty Using Portfolio Navigator

Optimizing Product Portfolios with Advanced PPM

Tech-Clarity: Issue in Focus, Applying Value Optimization to Portfolio Decision Making

Maximizing Product Development Value

Tech-Clarity: Realizing Value from New Products and Portfolios

Six Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management

SmartOrg: Strategic portfolio management is ‘doing the right projects’ (vs. the operational view of ‘doing the project right.’.

Opportunity Cost Vs. The Cost of Opportunities

Understanding the costs of your available opportunities is the key to assessing the opportunity costs of your portfolio choices.