SDP Workshops and DAAG Conference

The Society of Decision Professionals along with Intel, Caesar Systems, Shell and Strategic Decisions Group are joining together to sponsor the 21st DAAG Annual Conference April 8th through 10th in sunny in Huntington Beach, California. DAAG is known across industries to unite practitioners in Decision Analysis application and implementation from pharmaceuticals, to military, to oil and gas, to manufacturing and high tech.

During the three days you will be able to choose from a variety of workshops.  Most notably Strategic Portfolio Management led by David Matheson and Somik Raha of SmartOrg.

The fundamental challenge in portfolio decisions is to say “no” to good ideas to free resources in support of higher-value ones, which easily degenerates into political and power-driven decision making. Persuading people to make and accept decisions requires adapting decision-quality principles and practices to the portfolio context. Done well, strategic portfolio management provides an ideal opportunity to embed DA into an organization, foster decision quality at scale and improve value delivered from portfolios of R&D, NPD, innovation and other business opportunities. Topics will include a Portfolio Dice Simulation, the Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management and Case Examples of SPM as Embedded DA.

And you certainly do not want to miss, Metrics of Value and The Heart of Decision Analysis, both of which are chaired by Somik Raha.

Click here for more information on this conference and register online.

Society of Decision Professionals (SDP)