SmartOrg® Releases Enhanced Web-Based Platform for Innovation Portfolio Management

Portfolio Navigator® 7.6 Builds Clients’ Innovation/R&D Evaluation Capabilities

To help its customers better align their Innovation and Finance functions, SmartOrg®, Inc. (, announces the release of its Portfolio Navigator® 7.6 web-based portfolio evaluation platform.  This software connects Innovation and Finance so they can agree on where and how much to invest to drive growth.

Innovation and R&D are uncertain by their nature, and this uncertainty traditionally clouds risk assessment and decision-making.  SmartOrg has invented methods that leverage this uncertainty to help its customers identify hidden opportunities to drive upside growth.

SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator 7.6 portfolio evaluation platform ( administers and conducts the evaluation of uncertain opportunities, aggregates and compares them, and optimizes the innovation/R&D portfolio.

Along with the Portfolio Navigator web platform, SmartOrg provides services and training that build its customers’ capabilities to manage innovation and R&D portfolios strategically.  Among these services are workshops on how to assess individual projects for uncertainty and potential upside and on how to optimize innovation portfolios to achieve the maximum power to drive breakthrough growth.

Significant enhancements in this latest release of Portfolio Navigator include:

  • Portfolio Uncertainty: Portfolio Navigator 7.6 includes a calculation and display of the overall portfolio’s probability curve for achieving given levels of net present value, to answer questions like, “What is the probability that our portfolio will be worth over $100 million?”
  • Compare Value with Stacked Bars: Portfolio Navigator 7.5 lets the user visualize components of a portfolio or subset of a portfolio with stacked bars that easily show the proportion of value contributed by each component.

Two brief videos demonstrating these new features can be found below.

Portfolio Uncertainty

Compare Value (Stacked Bars)