SmartOrg® Releases Software For Strategic Management Of Innovation Projects And Portfolios

Portfolio Navigator® 6.0 On Rangal™ Platform Empowers Users To Maximize Returns On R&D, New Product Development

Menlo Park, California, August 19, 2016 – SmartOrg®, Inc., has announced the release of version 6.0 of its Portfolio Navigator® software, running on its proprietary Rangal™ operating platform. This advanced decision analysis software supports strategic portfolio management for innovation.

SmartOrg’s customers use Portfolio Navigator ( to identify the uncertainties in R&D and new product development projects and analyze how those uncertainties affect the value of their innovation portfolios. Project analysis tools show which factors have the greatest impact on both downside and upside. Portfolio analysis tools show how changing the project mix by selecting and optimizing the best projects affects overall portfolio returns. Additional strategic portfolio management tools let users explore what-if scenarios, prioritize projects by rate of return, and see how innovation impacts the organization’s P&L.

“Innovation and Finance often live in two different worlds,” says Don Creswell, SmartOrg co-founder and Vice President of Business Development. “Misunderstanding and miscommunication among these teams creates internal conflict and frustration, which seriously delay gaining the value of new products. SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator® software helps bring Innovation and Finance together for open conversations that focus on shared learning and decision-making for profitable growth. This leads to effective decisions about selection, evaluation and development and helps the organization build capability for outstanding results.”
Portfolio Navigator has been used by companies in a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, engineered materials, consumer products, and agriculture. Some clients have reported doubling the value of their innovation portfolios using the insights they gained from Portfolio Navigator.

The Rangal platform that supports Portfolio Navigator provides the capabilities to model economic opportunities and account for uncertainty factors. In addition to innovation portfolio management, Rangal ( supports other applications in mergers and acquisitions, cost-cutting, long-range planning processes and capital investment.

About SmartOrg, Inc.: Founded in 2000 and privately held, SmartOrg’s strategic portfolio management software and services empower its customers to find the upside potential in their innovation portfolios. This allows the Finance and Innovation groups in those customer companies to engage in productive dialogue about managing risks and maximizing returns. To learn more about SmartOrg, visit


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