Sold out webcast a huge success!

We were really pleased that today’s SmartOrg/PDMA webcast “Bringing Agility to Business Development” was sold out, with some 200 registrations. As the moderator mentioned, this was the most interactive webcast he has seen. This was evidenced both by the enthusiastic participation in the simulation exercises and the large number of questions that enhanced the learning experience.

Somik Raha, the presenter, deliberately resisted proposing a methodology, focusing more on patterns and values, encouraging people to “create their own customized methodology.” This seemed to work very well as there were lots of questions about how the patterns could be applied to individual workplace situations.

By having a simulation follow each pattern, participants received theory that was closely followed by practice. The participation in the simulation was particularly dramatic as the presenter leveraged the potential of the webcast medium to support parallel inputs.

Raha emphasized the importance of building a community around Agile Business Development within and across the organization. A first step in this direction will be a Linked In group around Agile Business Development.  If you are interested in joining, please go to the group and apply to join. Send Melinda Gurman (mgurman at smartorg dot com) a note that you have either attended the webcast or viewed the replay; this is a minimum requirement for membership in the group.