The SmartOrg Solution Architecture

The SmartOrg Solution Architecture is a stack of three levels:

  • The Rangal™ modeling platform;
  • Portfolio Navigator® 6.0 and other modeling applications; and
  • SmartOrg services for analysis, implementation and roll-out of the complete solution.


Originally built to handle the complex math and ranges of possibilities necessary to model uncertainty, the Rangal platform has evolved to be much more. Capable of handling hundreds of project and portfolio models, Rangal provides the infrastructure to run the application layer of the SmartOrg solution stack. Because it is equipped with open API’s, our Rangal platform can be integrated with a wide range of other software programs, minimizing manual updates. It also can be integrated with a wide range of reporting systems, ensuring that you have the information you need to make important decisions where and when you need it.  You can choose either our hosted or enterprise implementation of Rangal.

Download the Rangal Platform product sheet.

Portfolio Navigator® 6.0

SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator is an application that provides scalable modeling of projects and portfolios.  It’s geared toward strategic portfolio management in Innovation and in New Product Development, where uncertainty about project parameters and future events has a critical impact on project evaluation and portfolio decisions.  No one can predict the future, but using our uncertainty-based models, you can foresee the potential impacts of different project factors and use these to make collaborative decisions that drive maximum return on investment and revenue growth.  Our models give you insights that you can’t get from Big Data alone.

SmartOrg has also built a range of other modeling applications for other types of decision making, including R&D/new product innovation, mergers and acquisitions, cost-cutting, long-range planning processes and capital investment.  These have similar capabilities to Portfolio Navigator, oriented to the decision parameters specific to other application areas.

Learn more about Portfolio Navigator.
Download the Portfolio Navigator 6.0 product sheet.

SmartOrg Services

SmartOrg offers a variety of services as part of our solution to ensure your success. From basic installation and training to complex model development and change management workshops, we can take you through the entire process of implementing an organizational system for strategic portfolio management.

Learn more about SmartOrg services.

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Learn more about how SmartOrg’s solution stack can help you determine:


Information From the Trenches

Evaluating and Optimizing Your Portfolio

In making portfolio decisions, are you struggling with obtaining credible and comparable project evaluations, uncertainty and variability across projects, a lack of objectivity or an inefficient process?

Doing More with Less

When you must cut costs, do you have difficulty pinpointing areas to cut without sacrificing the future, determining the correct funding levels, identify projects to cancel or reduce, or reallocating resources?

Focusing Project Decisions on Value

Are you struggling with a project that can go in multiple directions, has an unclear strategy, involves significant risk and uncertianty or is complicated by political issues?

Creating Value from Innovation

In R&D and Innovation, do you have lots of new ideas but need a good way to select the best ones, heavily invest in innovation without seeing clear returns, have potential game changers but do not know how to exploit them, or hesitate to enter new markets?

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