SmartOrg ServicesSmartOrg has decades of experience helping executive teams with R&D strategy, new product innovation, product portfolio choices and determining where to make capital investments. Whether you want us to help you answer a pressing problem, someone to help your organization build its capability, or software implementation, SmartOrg has services to help you succeed.

In addition to traditional consulting and software installation services, we lead teams in developing strategy process and optimizing project portfolio strategy.


Workshops are a great way to get started with SmartOrg. They provide valuable information at the same time they allow you to get to know us and our solutions. Many of our workshops are included in our installation process.

Strategy Workshops

SmartOrg’s Innovation Strategy workshops are conducted on-site at your premises, for your team.

In the Innovation Strategy workshop, your team will journey through imagination to ideation to ultimately develop robust strategies for your innovation idea. You will then drill down to one or two specific strategies to develop a plan for discovering key evidence for success and learning opportunities from failures. Finally, teams will focus on how to make a good project a great project by accessing the market uncertainties and get actionable insights from the data visualizations generated from our powerful software platform. After this workshop, teams will have a strategy clear, fully charted learning plan, and an energized and aligned outlook ready to execute the strategy.

Project Evaluation Workshops

A Project Evaluation Workshop is one of the most effective ways to experience the value of SmartOrg®solutions. Project Evaluation Workshops are usually 1.5 to 2 days on site, depending on the nature of the project to be evaluated. Prior to the workshop, SmartOrg signs a non-disclosure agreement.

Portfolio Sweep Workshop

A portfolio sweep provides a snapshot of your current portfolio using SmartOrg processes and tools. You obtain a clear picture of the health of your portfolio and establish a baseline for improvement. Sweeps are frequently done as a first step prior to installing SmartDecisions software.

Proof of Concept Workshop

Proof of concept workshops enable you to obtain hands on experience with SmartOrg software. Proof of concept workshops provide an opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate the value of the software to others
  • Determine customization needs
  • Obtain value from evaluating projects using the software in a real-world setting


SmartOrg® will train your team to assure you obtain the highest value from your investment in our software. Training classes and workshops ensure you have a through understanding of how to use the software to solve your specific problems and that everyone knows what processes to follow to insure overall success of the solution.

How Do You Get Started?

SmartOrg can customize a pilot for you, facilitate project workshops, integrate software, enhance and expand your company’s strengths and teach you how to integrate strategy and tactics into your organization’s every day operations.

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