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Since 2000, SmartOrg software has provided decision makers with the analysis, capabilities and information they need to derive the best return on their investments in research and development, new product development, innovation, financial strategies and strategic choices.

SmartOrg Software Solutions

Powerful Tools for Strategic, Product, Service and Financial Planning

SmartOrg software delivers the analyses and information decision makers need to optimize the ROI of projects, products and portfolios. The software is scalable – from departmental to global enterprise level. In the cloud or on premise. It is versatile – financial planning, economic and risk analysis, project/portfolio planning, M&A and other applications.

Agile Decision Systems

SmartOrg solutions focus evaluation on the sweet spot where finance, strategy and innovation converge to optimize the economic value created by investments in R&D, New Product Development and Innovation.

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Portfolio Navigator® V6

Portfolio Navigator decision support software focuses management decisions on the critical factors that drive growth and profitability with emphasis on dealing effectively with risk and uncertainty. Business models, customized to each client’s needs, bring strategy, finance and innovation value measures together to guide selection of the most promising projects to develop and commercialize. Projects can be easily assembled into portfolios and sub-portfolios that compare projects based on risk vs. return, productivity, cost and value.  Learn More

Unlimited number of users ● Unlimited portfolio hierarchy ● In the Cloud or on Premise

Portfolio Navigator V6

PPM Optimization Workbench™  

PPM Optimization Workbench

The PPM Optimization Workbench integrates Portfolio Navigator with “operational” project/portfolio management software through custom APIs to provide a complete solution from ideation to product launch.  Learn More

Decision Advisor® Intelligent Decision System

DA Intelligent Decision System

Decision Advisor is a tool for advanced analysis of economic value drivers, risks and uncertainties that impact the success of R&D, NPD and Innovation initiatives. Based on decision-analysis methodology, Decision Advisor can be used in a coached or manual mode to construct value maps (influence diagrams) of technical, economic, time, cost and the uncertainties that affect value. The tool produces a finished Excel spreadsheet in less than half a minute following completion of the value map.  Learn More

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