Taking Product Portfolio Management to the Next Level

How do you select projects and optimize portfolio value when things are risky and uncertain?

In this series of webinars, we explore project selection, project prioritization and resource allocation drawing on the processes and tools of Advanced Product Portfolio Management (PPM) to optimize the value returned from investments in R&D, new product development and innovation.

In the first webinar, we show ways to identify and select the best opportunities to develop and market:

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The second webinar in the series focuses on how a value-based portfolio of these opportunities will give you the best chance for winning in this uncertain world:

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The challenge: too many projects competing for limited resources. How do you select the best ones in which to invest? How do you allocate resources throughout development to feed winners and eliminate losers?

Basic Product Portfolio Management tools like score-cards, check lists and questionnaires do the job for near-term projects. Longer-term projects need more extensive evaluation. These projects involve large investments of resources over long periods of time and there is a lot of uncertainty around technical and commercial factors critical to success.

SmartOrg has been applying its deep roots in decision science to strategic business problems of Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. Companies with large long term investments in R&D and New Product Development (NPD) depend on our software and services to optimize their return on investment.

Learn how SmartOrg makes it easy for companies to evaluate their best product opportunities and drive maximum growth.