Agroscience companies are in an ongoing quest to extend the “green revolution” and feed an ever-increasing world population. New compounds offer better and more comprehensive crop protection, and new seeds incorporate new genetic traits that improve crop hardiness, yields and nutritive value.

Business Situation

Agroscience companies operate in an environment of complex regulation and intense competition.  Competitive pressure mandates that these companies invest heavily in R&D to create new crop protection and seed projects. These projects represent big bets, both in investment and in development time. The competing demands on budget and other resources creates conflicts that must be managed if the companies are to make sound strategic decisions about their R&D portfolios.

Once concepts are ready for market, they must be fitted to specific geographic markets and their respective regulatory regimes. This creates a proliferation of concepts (unique combinations of compound or seed, application, and local market), and the sheer number of these concepts becomes in itself a problem of tracking and management.


SmartOrg gives agroscience companies tools to manage the conflicts inherent in portfolio decisions. Using SmartOrg methods and systems, its clients are able to make credible and comparable evaluations of projects across the entire portfolio. They’re also able to look for hidden upside potential in R&D projects, and to create learning plans to achieve those upsides.

The same set of tools can also empower agroscience companies to manage large portfolios of concepts for ongoing growth and profitability.  The tools allow product managers to evaluate the future profitability of the concept portfolio and make informed decisions about which concepts to nominate to customers for discontinuing, and which new concepts constitute the best opportunities for profitable growth.

SmartOrg Solutions

Portfolio strategy consulting

Development of project learning plans for upside exploitation

Portfolio Navigator enterprise software


Dramatic increases in R&D and Innovation portfolio value

Substantial improvement in projects moving to implementation, with higher ambitions for success

Quick termination of projects that won’t drive growth, freeing resources and attention for those that will

Management of portfolios of large numbers of concepts