DuPont is a spin-off of the merged DowDuPont.  Safety & Construction produces materials such as Tyvek, Kevlar and Nomex.  They turned to SmartOrg to help revitalize their growth.

DuPont Pioneer

This major company in crop protection and seeds uses SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator platform to manage their large product development portfolio.

Logo for Corteva Agriscience - strategic portfolio management customer

This major company in crop protection and seeds uses SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator platform to manage their large product development portfolio.

Roger's Corporation - strategic portfolio management customer

For this manufacturer of engineered materials, SmartOrg installed Portfolio Navigator software that makes strategic portfolio management an ongoing part of Rogers’ business processes.

Teva logo - strategic portfolio management customer

For this top-ten (worldwide) pharmaceutical manufacturer, SmartOrg both conducted portfolio management education and installed Portfolio Navigator to embed strategic portfolio management into Teva’s business processes.

Nature Conservancy logo - strategic portfolio management customer

For this leading non-profit institution, SmartOrg conducted a series of workshops to redefine their assessment of project and portfolio value, and then installed Portfolio Navigator software to put the new assessment regime into practice.


For this manufacturer of digital memory devices, SmartOrg has provided workshops to train SanDisk executives and mangers on strategic portfolio management and how to apply it to drive breakthrough growth.


For this leading semiconductor manufacturer, SmartOrg conducted strategic portfolio  management workshops centered on product development and partnership strategies,

HP logo - strategic portfolio management customer


SmartOrg has supported HP in a series of engagements to improve their analysis and evaluation of innovative new business opportunities.


For the leading company in networking equipment, systems and services, SmartOrg


For Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company, SmartOrg has provided software for decision support and analysis that has been applied to product strategy for various aircraft product lines.


For ExxonMobil Research and Exploration, SmartOrg has conducted portfolio assessment workshops.

Chevron logo - SmartOrg customer


For this integrated petroleum company, SmartOrg provided decision analysis and decision support tools and training.


SmartOrg trained Ford management in the application of value-based management software to support product line decisions and dramatically shorten and improve their decision-making process.

Sara Lee

For this consumer packaged goods manufacturer, SmartOrg provided Portfolio Navigator software to support strategic management of Sara Lee’s innovation portfolio.


This consortium of some 100 countries, which manages air traffic control through Europe and provides R&D services for air navigation, aircraft operators and airports, has used SmartOrg analytic software for to support its R&D efforts.


For this biopharmaceutical company, SmartOrg provided a Portfolio Navigator software solution to provide greater rigor to innovation and product development discussions.

KV Pharmaceutical

This generic drug company saved substantial labor costs by using Portfolio Navigator to manage its generic and branded project portfolio.

Scholle Packaging

SmartOrg software and training allowed Scholle to reduce the number of projects in its development portfolio by 70%, freeing resources to focus on high-value projects.

Smiths Interconnect

For this electronic component and sub-system manufacturer, SmartOrg performed an acquisition portfolio evaluation supported by Portfolio Navigator software.

Stryker Neurovascular

This medical device manufacturer used Portfolio Navigator software from SmartOrg to manage its innovation portfolio.


For this medical device company, SmartOrg implemented a Portfolio Navigator solution to help Verathon prioritize product development efforts around the products with the most potential impact on growth.

VF Corporation

For this leading apparel manufacturer, SmartOrg implemented Portfolio Navigator software in support of one of its main innovation divisions


For this international producer of orthopedic appliances, SmartOrg implemented a value-based management process supported by Portfolio Navigator software to enable Zimmer to manage its development portfolio.

Bayer CropScience AG

For this major European manufacturer of crop protection compounds and seeds, SmartOrg® provided Portfolio Navigator® software to help manage Bayer’s R&D portfolio.


For this company in the pharmaceutical industry, SmartOrg provided Portfolio Navigator software to improve Catalent’s ability to prioritize its innovation portfolio.