The Challenges Don’t Change

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The Challenges Don’t Change.  This Time There Is A Solution.

Like Yogie Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again!” I’ve attended several innovation and product development events during the past few months—just returned from Frost & Sullivan’s excellent Innovations in New Product Development and Market Strategy, 2011. Participants included senior product development executives from the country’s foremost corporations. SmartOrg led a session on Developing a Portfolio that Delivers on Strategy, Growth, Risk and Return. Our friends from Planview facilitated an interactive workshop Solving the Implementation Challenge: Aligning Your Resources with Product and Portfolio Strategy.

“Déjà vu” moments popped up loud and clear at both of these sessions: project selection and prioritizing resources, confirming recent experience with SmartOrg clients across a wide variety of industries. Everyone continues to struggle with these issues.

One reason for the struggle: companies rely on “operational” project/portfolio management systems to resolve economic value issues. Data to support economic value does not exist to any depth in typical operational software; check lists and scorecards, while handy, do not deal with the risks and uncertainties that impact future success.

As readers of ValuePoint will (hopefully) recognize, SmartOrg consulting and software focus specifically on the “strategic” or “business” portfolio: evaluating and managing project portfolios based on value creation. When strategic/business and operational portfolios are aligned, decisions about project selection and resource allocation work in tandem to optimize value. The combination is called “Advanced PPM™.”

Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity, an independent research firm, recently published Optimizing Product Portfolios with Advanced PPM. In his white paper, he observes that “Today’s best practices are designed to develop and execute the ‘right’ mix of products, but not necessarily the ‘best’ or most valuable product portfolio.” He makes the case for a combined approach that helps companies define an optimal portfolio strategy and focus project decisions on the risk and uncertainty that impacts product value, concluding that “The combined solution helps companies make better portfolio decisions, resulting in higher value products and portfolios.”

With Jim’s permission, we reprinted his white paper. If you would like a printed copy, send me your “snail mail” address via email and I’ll post a copy. Alternately, you can download a PDF.

The PPM Optimization Workbench delivers Advanced PPM by integrating operational and business portfolios. Download a product sheet.

Talk about events! We were up there with the big boys:  SmartOrg participated in the annual ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando, showing the PPM Optimization Workbench, our SAP-certified integration (Portfolio Navigator® and SAP PPM 5.0). The event may be the biggest software get-together in the world—certainly in the U.S.—with somewhere around 13,000 participants. I’m not usually awed by events, but after losing my way among the hundreds of exhibitors numerous times I have to admit I was pretty impressed; just about everyone in the software world was there.

To learn more about the PPM Optimization Workbench and how it can deliver Advanced PPM for your organization, download our FAQ.

Meet Dr. Somik Raha

Please welcome the newest SmartOrg staff member, Somik Raha. Somik joined us this month as a consulting associate.  Somik has a Ph.D. in Decision and Risk Analysis from Stanford University. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D., he was an Agile Software Development coach with Industrial Logic. His decision analysis and software engineering background brings unique strengths to both consulting and product development at SmartOrg.

Since 2000, SmartOrg Inc has helped companies create exceptional value from R&D, New Product Development and Innovation through a unique combination of Value-Based Management consulting and decision support software. Our flagship product, Portfolio Navigator®, identifies and tracks key value drivers and the risks and uncertainties that must be managed to optimize economic value. Our PPM Optimization Workbench™ combines Portfolio Navigator with SAP project/ portfolio management software to support strategy and implementation from ideation to commercialization.

SmartOrg clients include large companies like Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Chevron Technology, Dow AgroSciences, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco Systems. And smaller companies like Zimmer, Catalent and TEVA Neuroscience.

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