Training Services


SmartOrg® provides comprehensive training services to ensure your success with our software.  

Training Services

SmartOrg Training Services run the gamut from initial new-user training to advanced training for experienced users. All of our training programs can be conducted face-to-face or via the Internet.

Initial Training

Initial training is typically focused on introducing users with the features and functionality present in the software so that you become proficient quickly and receive maximum value from your investment.

Follow-on Training

Follow-on training is focused on the application of Decision Analysis principals to your evaluations and planning processes.  This ensures you realize increasing value at the same time your processes evolve along with your business.

Specific areas of follow-on training:

  • Product Planning – including innovation and new product development
  • Strategic Planning – including mid and long-term planning
  • Financial Planning – including where to cut costs so that you aren’t cutting your future

Advanced Training Options

In addition to user training, we also offer the following advanced training opportunities by functional specialty:

Analysts and Product Managers

  • Model Development Training
  • Advanced User Training

Decision-Makers and Decision Analysis Specialists

  • Change Management Training
  • Process Optimization Training
  • Advanced Decision Analysis Principals
Advanced user training courses are conducted by world-recognized PhD-level experts in decision analysis and the strategic management of R&D and NPD projects and portfolios.

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