VF Corp.’s Wrangler unit now makes “green” blue jeans

News from a SmartOrg client: VF Corporation’s Wrangler unit is now buying cotton for its blue jeans from environmentally-responsible farms.  The cotton is grown, milled, spun, woven and sewn in the USA.

“But as with any crop, there are plenty of ways to mitigate the potential damage caused by cotton. Wrangler’s Rooted line sources its cotton exclusively from American farms using sustainable practices like cover crops, crop rotation, no-till techniques, and various efforts to reduce water and energy use (like using renewable energy).

“The Rooted line consists of five collections, each using a single family farm from, and branded with, a different state. The first two available are from Vance and Mandie Smith, of Big Spring, Texas, and the Newby Family Farm from Athens Alabama. Each pair of jeans has a signature of the farm that produced its cotton, and on the button fly, has that farm’s state imprinted. Soon to come are collections from Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia—all major cotton-producing states. The jeans cost $99, and there are also t-shirts selling for $34.”