From Core Business to Disruptive Innovation

Leveraging Uncertainty, Learning Faster

Watch the full discussion of how Corteva transformed its portfolio by balancing the core innovations with disruptive innovations

The reality Corteva recognized is that there was a lot of uncertainty in their core projects and that they needed to manage their uncertainties sooner. Failing to manage core uncertainties early on would, in effect, force out the innovative side. As Neal Gutterson, CTO of Corteva Agriscience, points out, it was important to know that it is about learning fast, not failing fast, and how including and managing a disruptive portfolio was essential to its transformation.
The “Merger of the Century” saw Dow Chemical and DuPont combine into a behemoth called DowDuPont, and then quickly divide itself back into three publicly-traded spinoffs:
  • DuPont (specialty materials)
  • Corteva Agriscience (seeds and crop protection)
  • Dow (materials science)
The newly created companies faced the challenge of leveraging their legacy of success to create new sources of innovation and growth.

Transforming Corteva from SmartOrg, Inc. At Front End of Innovation 2019, Neal Gutterson, CTO of Corteva Agriscience, discusses how Corteva is preparing for a future very different from the past. With David Matheson, President and CEO, SmartOrg.