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A collaborative analytical platform to manage your project evaluation and portfolio decisions

know where you stand,
Know where to steer

Our software is designed to keep your eye on the goal and focus discussions on how to get there.

Combining elements of financial, planning and analysis software, Portfolio Navigator® brings together different perspectives and scenarios to give you honest and comprehensive insights into both the value of your opportunities and the implications of your choices.

With a level playing field for financial and other critical criteria, you gain a deep understanding of the factors that matter most.  

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Use portfolio navigator to harness your opportunities

Project View

Portfolio Navigator slide showing the workspace shows the action you've selected to.

Portfolio Navigator slide, INPUT: Market Data for Breath Strips

Portfolio View

Slide, Compare Market Uncertainty for All Products 2020

8 benefits of Portfolio Navigator

Drive critical conversations diagram

1. Drive critical conversations

Create Input and Output displays based on stakeholder needs and critical conversations.

Reduce drudgery and frustration diagram

2. Reduce drudgery and frustration

Standard portfolio analytics like efficient frontiers, innovation screens, compare uncertainty, financial roll-ups, and portfolio distributions are built into the system. Free up analysts to focus on value-added topics.

Increase value and reduce risk diagram

3. Increase value and reduce risk

Discover your hidden upside potential with a simple tornado chat. Portfolio Navigator clearly displays project uncertainties, allowing you to pinpoint risk and spot upside potential.

Project comparisons made easy diagram

4. Project comparisons made easy

Compare inputs and/or analytics for any project. Whether to compare between last year vs. this year versions or between different strategies, Portfolio Navigator has it with a simple drag and drop.

Stop spreading yourself too thin diagram

5. Stop spreading yourself too thin

Portfolio Navigator helps you recognize which projects have the most potential, ensuring you’re focusing your efforts in the right place and working on your most promising projects.

Prevent incremental projects from crowding out innovative ones diagram

6. Prevent incremental projects from crowding out innovative ones

Put incremental and high risk / return opportunities on a level playing field to find the balance that creates the best returns.

Perfect your ROI diagram

7. Perfect your ROI

You don’t need to over-invest. Portfolio Navigator calculates value to cost, giving you the most bang for your buck. Whether you are cutting or increasing, Portfolio Navigator will help you maximize the impact of your limited investment budget.

Reach your financial goals diagram

8. Reach your financial goals

Portfolio Navigator highlights dangers and opportunities with rigorous and honest financial rollups. Improve your portfolio mix and hit your goals without setbacks.

Portfolio Navigator:
powerful, flexible platform


Evaluation models are specified in Excel. Your financial models can be deployed into the platform as templates and also exported, giving you confidence calculations are being done correctly.


Distributed calculation engines generate large scale reports in seconds. Whether you have thousands of projects or complicated models, the result will be ready quickly.


Input and assumptions are documented with who did what when, giving you auditability throughout the system.

Import & Export

Export project or portfolio data for transfer or analysis and visualization in your preferred specialized tool.  Bulk import data with an easy copy and paste.


Portfolio views are evergreen and easily accessible. You can tell how up to date any project is by one glance at the portfolio tree. Portfolio questions can be addressed by easily drilling down to project level.


Run it on SmartOrg secure servers in the cloud or from your own provider like Azure or AWS.


Use APIs to develop customized interfaces for particular roles or process steps.


Our platform architecture allows you keep the portfolio tractable while also providing specialists the ability to use their preferred tools.


Make Portfolio Navigator part of your enterprise data structure using APIs.  Connect to platforms like Hyperion or SAP or your data warehouse. Or link to specialized analysis tools like Jupyter or R.

Announcing Portfolio Navigator Release 8.3. The newly added analytical capability such as goal analysis and difference waterfall, etc., helps the organization to set both conservative and aspirational goals and to identify key drivers to increase business value.

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