Portfolio Navigator® Value-Based Management Software

Portfolio Navigator® Value-Based Management Software

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Portfolio Navigator® is an enterprise-level, decision-support system used to evaluate and manage the economic value of projects and project portfolios, with emphasis on dealing with risk and uncertainty.

Portfolio Navigator is a browser-based reporting and OLTP application that is fundamentally an ASP.NET C# application with persistence to a Microsoft SQL server database. The system supports Internet Explorer on Windows and Firefox on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. A web service API is callable via http/s SOAP calls.

Number of projects in portfolio: unlimited
Number of users: unlimited
Portfolio Navigator is available in three versions:

• Hosted by SmartOrg on secure servers
• Installed on customer servers
• Integrated with SAP PPM 5.0 project/portfolio software and delivered as the PPM Optimization Workbench™

Technical requirements for installation on customer servers:

Windows 2003 or 2008 Server (64bit preferred)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64bit preferred)
Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS 6/7 or later
Microsoft .NET v3.5 sp1 or later
Windows PowerShell v1.0 or later
Microsoft Message Queue (for advanced reporting and integration scenarios)

In high transaction cases we recommend the database and IIS .Net application reside on the same server