A high-impact approach to catalyze innovation breakthroughs

Innovation Navigator® helps you:

  • Work on what matters: Identify influential issues, assess speculation and impact, prioritize
  • Gain funding approval from executives: Build a business case, quantify uncertainty, unlock upside potential
  • De-risk projects: Manage experiments, gather evidence, inform pivotal decisions
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Improve your decision-making for incubation projects

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Incubation isn’t the time
to play it safe.

It’s the time to think expansively and embrace uncertainty in pursuit of innovation that will truly move the needle for your organization.

Innovation Navigator provided discipline in the messy space of incubation, and helped drive several projects forward and achieve breakthrough results.
Nazeer Bhore, Global Manager


Keep your projects on an incubation success path

Discovery Zone icon

Win over skeptics
  • Identify issues that will influence project success
  • Get focused on the ones that matter most
  • Gain alignment with project stakeholders to build momentum and support
Tornado Diagram icon

Show them the money
  • Build a business case with ranges of assumptions
  • Show how resolution of project uncertainties can drive significant upside potential
  • Speak the language of finance to build confidence in your business case or prepare for a pivot
Learning Plan icon

Get to a “go” decision
  • Define and manage experiments to address uncertainties
  • Gather the most valuable evidence against critical proof points
  • Prepare for punt, pivot, or persevere funding decisions

See Innovation Navigator in action

See how the Discovery Grid helps you:

  • Identify issues that will influence success for your project;
  • Get stakeholders aligned on the issues that matter; and
  • Focus the innovation team on those issues most likely to create surprise—and upside potential—in the business case.

See how the Tornado Diagram provides the innovation team with:

  • A current-state estimation of the value of the project;
  • A view of the most critical unresolved business case factors and their assumption ranges; and
  • A way of communicating a project’s upside potential to the CFO to unlock funding for future experiments.
See how a Learning Plan provides a road map for incubation by:

  • Capturing and managing key experiments linked to resolving uncertainty in the business case;
  • Fostering the collection of valuable evidence against critical proof points; and
  • Preparing for funding decisions.

See how the De-Risk Dashboard allows innovation leaders to:

  • Create an apples-to-apples comparison of incubation projects;
  • Gain a multi-dimensional view of the portfolio that incorporates estimated value and current risk; and
  • Prioritize resource allocation to high-value experiments across the portfolio instead of placing project-level bets.

What industry leaders say about Innovation Navigator

Innovation Navigator provided discipline in the messy space of incubation, and helped drive several projects forward and achieve breakthrough results.
Nazeer Bhore, Global Manager of Technology Scouting, Innovation and Ventures Group, ExxonMobil

Innovation Navigator is an essential tool in navigating the complexities of innovation management. It aligns projects with executive expectations through robust data-driven insights, shedding light on uncertainties and empowering us to make informed decisions while achieving sustainable innovation.
Ralph Morales III, Sr. Director, Healthcare Solutions, Oura

iNav helped us move from thinking about what we know to thinking about the unexpected. It enabled us to face the gaps head-on, capture them, and make sure we were addressing the most critical issues, not just the comfortable ones.
Udi Chatow, Senior Director, Applied Materials

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