5th Annual Community of Practice 2020: Creating Breakthroughs

SmartOrg's Community of Practice focuses on how to make portfolio choices and drive growth. Drive your organization towards achieving big growth goals.

9 min read

The paradox of important but ineffective innovation: Lean Operators and Courageous Companies

Companies' approach to innovation are often a combination of the Lean Operator or the Courageous Company. Balancing innovation between these two strategies is a difficult trick and an important element of Strategic Portfolio Management.

8 min read

Your Long-Range Plan is Invalid. Now What?

It is clear: to thrive post-pandemic, companies need to revisit their strategic portfolio decisions. It is time to zero-base your choices

4 min read

Prioritizing the Value of Evidence | Chapter 2

The lesson of Chapter Two is to prioritize innovation activities to “buy-down ignorance” in service of decreasing opportunity risk.

7 min read

Articulate the Evidence of Value | Chapter 1

A business discovery starts with a hypothesis, then a skillful experiement in which the world reveals itself, and ends with the discipline to act accordingly. Presenting opportunity value as an evolving range of uncertainty is more credible than a hockey stick growth curve

7 min read