Making uncertainty your friend in forecasting and goal setting

A financial roll-up is often a cover-up, hiding the uncertainty, unintentionally creating a surprise and limits management's ability to drive upside. The cure is to put uncertainty at the beginning of your forecast process rather than experiencing it as a disappointing surprise at the end.

13 min read

5th Annual Community of Practice 2020: Creating Breakthroughs

SmartOrg's Community of Practice focuses on how to make portfolio choices and drive growth. Drive your organization towards achieving big growth goals.

11 min read

The paradox of important but ineffective innovation: Lean Operators and Courageous Companies

Companies' approach to innovation are often a combination of the Lean Operator or the Courageous Company. Balancing innovation between these two strategies is a difficult trick and an important element of Strategic Portfolio Management.

8 min read

Your Long-Range Plan is Invalid. Now What?

It is clear: to thrive post-pandemic, companies need to revisit their strategic portfolio decisions. It is time to zero-base your choices

4 min read

The COVID-19 innovation challenge: Keeping the golden goose alive

We all know COVID-19 is disrupting everything, including innovation-driven growth. What should we as members of the innovation community be prepared for? What can we do to keep innovation alive or maybe even help it thrive in these surreal times?

5 min read

Prioritizing the Value of Evidence | Chapter 2

The lesson of Chapter Two is to prioritize innovation activities to “buy-down ignorance” in service of decreasing opportunity risk.

8 min read

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