Strategic Portfolio Management

that Aligns Innovation and Finance

to Unlock Value and Unleash Growth

SmartOrg’s portfolio assessment platform helps you find hidden opportunities

SmartOrg’s web-based portfolio evaluation platform helps your team members agree on where and how much to invest in growth. As we help you implement your solution, we build your capability to deliver credible and comparable evaluations of uncertain opportunities, compare them objectively, and optimize your portfolio.



Watch this quick overview of SmartOrg’s work with DuPont Safety & Construction and then see the entire story.

Watch an overview of the methods SmartOrg’s portfolio evaluation platform uses to uncover and unlock hidden growth.

Then explore the questions below to see how these methods work.

Tornado chart

How do you double this project's value?

Find the most significant factors that drive overall project value. Uncertainty ranges reveal hidden upside potential.

When are “good” projects just clutter?

Weed out projects with limited upsides and focus on making the projects that matter wildly successful.

Are incremental projects crowding out innovative ones?

Redirect resources from incremental opportunities to high-risk, high-reward ones that boost the value of your portfolio.

How much should you invest in growth?

Prioritize your opportunities by ROI to get the most out of your investment budget.

How can you be sure you’ll meet your financial goals?

A rigorous, honest evaluation of your portfolio highlights dangers and shows how to improve your portfolio mix.

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What’s your growth goal?

How can SmartOrg help you reach it?

A portfolio’s power to drive growth depends on its mix of projects. Use our Portfolio Power™ self-assessment tool to see if your portfolio will meet your growth goals.



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