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Innovation and Portfolio Solutions

Make uncertainty your friend. SmartOrg’s methods for evaluating opportunities allows you to align on where and how much to invest and how to drive the upside. Our collaborative analytical software platform improves your business processes in innovation and portfolio management. Our consulting services support your efforts to deploy, educate and manage change. Whether your growth challenge is to explore an exciting new area and develop credible investment grade proposals, or to balance investments across competing areas and interest, we can help you build your capability.

Up your growth game

Formulate Icon


Create hypotheses and experiments that accelerate the evidence of value. 

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Find the most significant factors that drive opportunity value and find the hidden upside. 

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Put attention on the efforts that matter most. Eliminate innovation waste and portfolio clutter.

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Resolve conflicts between short and long term investments or among different areas. 

What Is Your Growth Challenge?

Innovation Navigator® helps you grow your true innovation garden: our mash-up of lean startup and real options help you Invest based on financial impact, guide your stakeholders through innovation uncertainties, and Focus on the tests that propel your efforts forward.


Are you working to create or demonstrate new opportunity?  Innovation Navigator combines Real Options analysis and Lean Startup methods to help you:

  • Win over stakeholders
  • Demonstrate financial credibility
  • Document diverse perspectives
  • Accelerate investment approval
Strategic Portfolio Management


Are you working to get more for less or to increase your ability to meet growth goals?  Portfolio Navigator® reveals hidden opportunities to drive breakthrough growth.

  • Cut through the clutter
  • Tame uncertainty
  • Drive the upside
  • Overcome conflict

Increase your return on growth investments by 30% or more

2024 Events

InnoLead Webcast

“How to Prevent AI from Becoming the Next Round of Innovation Theater”

Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Time: 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET

Join David Matheson and Doug Williams of SmartOrg to explore how to prevent AI from merely being an “innovation theater” in your company. They’ll discuss enhancing the back end of innovation to unlock AI’s full potential, improve project prioritization, de-risk initiatives, and increase throughput for real AI transformation. The session, facilitated by InnoLead, includes a live Q&A.


I'm honored to be the Society of Decision Professionals (SDP)'s 2023-2024 President!

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