Events and Webinars

Disruptor Studio: Duolingo for Innovators

Finance is the lingua franca of business. Listen in as Ralph Morales III shares stories and techniques to win over the toughest financial critic

40 min watch

Accelerating Innovation – A simple approach to communicating investment readiness

Through three vignettes, Ralph Morales III, Head of Innovation Practice at SmartOrg, shares his journey adapting Decision Analysis ideas to communicate uncertainty and progress to stakeholders.

60 min study

Post-Pandemic Portfolio: Managing innovation to drive growth in our new reality

Co-hosted by David Matheson, President and CEO of SmartOrg, and Moshe Safran, CEO of RSIP Vision USA.

60 min study

How to Overcome Challenges in Building a Successful Innovation Incubator

In his Global Technical Program Leader role, Cory has strategic accountability for early corn trait product development using core technologies and for the use of novel technologies,

2 min study

FEI Digital Week Webinar – Missing keys to delivering innovation: the value of evidence and the evidence of value

In this webinar, Ralph Morales III, Head of Innovation Practice at SmartOrg, shares lessons he learned in Finance and Innovation roles during his years at HP. Over the course of bringing several new products to market, Ralph learned there are two keys to innovation that are often overlooked

60 min study

The Lean Startup Conference

Hey, thanks for all the great conversations at the conference and at our booth. We felt the love and look forward to staying connected!

2 study

Transforming Corteva

Watch the full discussion of how three newly formed companies created new sources of innovation and growth and how you can achieve similar benefits in your organization.

23 study