Innovation Management

Our innovation navigator® approach mashes up real options and lean startup


Demonstrate financial credibility

Foster critical thinking

Overcome skepticism

Increase innovation acceptance


Innovation occurs at the exciting edge of your organization where possibility for creating new opportunity collides with strangeness and uncertainty. It is easy to get lost or lose credibility chasing dreams or thinking small. Innovation Navigator helps lead you to success by objectively evaluating opportunity, focusing on what matters, and communicating clearly.

Proven approach to align innovation and executive expectations


Evaluate Potential

Go beyond a traditional business case to understand drivers of upside and what evidence will demonstrate value.

Focus on Discovery

Not all hypotheses matter.  Learn what needs to be learned, not just what is convenient or interesting.

Buy-Down Risk


Prioritize efforts based on real options: what experiments have the best ROI.

Communicate Readiness

Avoid surprises while aligning expectations for when innovations are ready to scale.

Smartorg delivers


Whether you need to build a better business case, get a team on track, or build an innovation process, our consultants help you build your capability.


 Keep innovation efforts and executives aligned on where to invest. 

How the Innovation Navigator approach delivered for HP

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