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SmartOrg software and professional services provide executives with organizational decision-making solutions they can depend on when investments are risky and rewards are uncertain.

Our decision technology has been helping Fortune 500 companies deliver breakthrough value for over 15 years

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Business Decision Making With SmartOrg

SmartOrg is about making choices. Not small ones, like what brand of coffee to have in the break room, but the big, hairy, complex business decisions that determine whether or not companies succeed or fail. Decisions where large risks are involved – and you won’t know if you’ve made the right decision right away. For example, choices about what products to develop, what services to offer, what technologies to pursue, what companies to acquire, what regions to penetrate, where to cut costs and which opportunities will provide the best return on investment. Learn more

Successful Product Innovation

Successful product innovation requires you to have to have processes and the right tools to discuss, compare and evaluate ideas. This is where things get tough! SmartOrg gives companies the ability to evaluate their ideas and test them before they invest time, money, and energy in product development. Learn more

Strategic Business Planning

Making the right decisions for today is a huge challenge for business leaders – but it’s nothing compared to the difficulty of strategic planning that will affect a company’s long-term success. From identifying the right projects to determining the best allocation of resources, the choices you make today will have major repercussions for years. SmartOrg’s strategic business planning software makes it easy for you to plan for the future and make the right choices for the long term. Learn more

Strategic Financial Planning

Effective financial planning is especially important for product and services-led companies.  You want to feel confident that you are maximizing your return on investment. SmartOrg’s software makes it easy for you to identify your options, determine the best places to invest and see where you can free up funds.  Learn more

Thought Leadership

The SmartOrg team brings decades of collective, in-depth industry experience and decision analysis knowledge. Our team includes the founders of decision analysis, acknowledged leaders in management science and strategic decision making, and published authors of management books, articles and papers in professional journals. Read about the many variables that go into making choices that payoff.


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Don Creswell
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Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation & Development

Join David Matheson and the SmartOrg team as David will be discussing with participants how dynamic portfolio management can help your innovation projects rocket to success in the marketplace in the “Improving the Odds of Winning in your Portfolio” session.

January 11, 2016

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