It is with both sadness and joy that we announce that Somik Raha will be leaving SmartOrg at the end of 2017. Joy, because he is joining our colleagues at Ulu Ventures, a sister company that applies our shared Decision Analysis technologies to innovation through venture capital. We are eager to see what this cross fertilization between startup and corporate innovation will bring, and we are happy to support Somik as he embarks on this new chapter in his career journey.

Sadness, because we are sorry to say goodbye to a colleague who has contributed so much to SmartOrg’s development and growth. These contributions are far-reaching, from our product roadmap to our software architecture and development methodology, to our corporate culture and values.

Somik will continue to play an advisory role with SmartOrg. We are grateful for both his past contributions and his future guidance. Here is a perfect example: We asked Somik to share his guiding principles for Product Development, and he gathered them in the form of Ten Commandments of Product Development.

SmartOrg has a transition plan in place to ensure that our current and prospective clients receive uninterrupted and consistent service. We look forward to the next part of SmartOrg’s corporate journey, secure in the knowledge of Somik’s ongoing support.