DuPont Safety & Construction

Case Study: How DuPont S&C Revitalized Growth

SmartOrg helped DuPont Safety & Construction cut through the clutter in its innovation portfolio to uncover hidden value and unlock rapid growth.

Watch this 90-second overview, and then explore each aspect of SmartOrg’s work in the 30-second segments below.

Growth Was The Goal

As part of the mega-merger of DuPont and Dow Chemical, the corporation plans to split into three new entities:

  • Corteva, focused on agrisciences
  • Dow, focused on specialty chemicals
  • DuPont, focused on advanced materials

DuPont Safety & Construction’s businesses had been relying on discoveries from years past to power their legacy businesses. With their upcoming status as part of a smaller, independent company, they were charged with driving rapid growth. To this end, they engaged SmartOrg to help them evaluate their innovation portfolio and to teach them how to manage their portfolio for growth.

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Growth is Value Creation

To fuel growth, DuPont S&C needed to find new value hidden in its innovation portfolio. This required recognizing and overcoming three problems:
  • Clutter
  • Low aspirations
  • Wounded projects

Cut Clutter, Focus on What Matters

SmartOrg helped DuPont S&C look at its innovation portfolio through the lens of doing what matters.

Building DuPont’s Capabilities

Throughout the process of helping DuPont S&C unlock value and unleash growth, SmartOrg made sure that DuPont would have the tools and knowledge to keep the process going. SmartOrg transferred knowledge and skills to DuPont, and addressed the needed cultural changes to enable DuPont’s management and staff to embrace the new way of conducting strategic portfolio management.

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