Formulation Workshop:  HP Lightscribe Deliverables

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What the Workshop Does

Formulation is the most overlooked phase of innovation. Most corporate innovation efforts go straight from Ideation (coming up with new ideas) to Incubation (making a new idea work), skipping right over Formulation—turning new ideas into strategies for commercial success, complete with learning plans to identify and address proof points on the path to that success.

A formulation workshop helps you power up your innovation team and create an investment-grade proposal with three main deliverables:

  1. Strategy table
  2. Learning plan
  3. Tornado diagram scenario

HP Lightscribe Example

In this video, David Matheson describes the deliverables of a Formulation Workshop, using the Lightscribe case study to illustrate.

Let's Connect!

David Matheson, President and CEO of SmartOrg, Inc., experts in Strategic Portfolio Management

David Matheson, President and CEO

Ralph Morales III, Head of Innovation Practice

Ralph Morales III, Head of Innovation Practice