The Weaknesses of Innovation Groups

Innovation looms almost larger than life as a nearly magical engine for growth. Companies invest a lot of resources and hope into innovation groups. Many innovation groups have unclear roles, a sort of charter to get it all, but that leaves them trying to do too many things at once.

Learn about the roles and weaknesses of innovation groups. A good innovation group can play a couple of these roles well, but not all of them.

Give your innovation group the role and resources it needs to create solid projects for the portfolio. Then when that group brings you opportunities, you will find they also bring you evidence to back up their ROI estimates.

innovation team roles, the 5 types, graphic has leader in the center of 5 groups

“I can confidently say that I’m not where I was yesterday. But if I don’t have a clear goal, where I am today is likely an extension of the same ditch.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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David Matheson, President and CEO

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Ralph Morales III, Head of Innovation Practice